Make a Character

Your Characters

The year is now-ish. The place is Earth, though you won’t be there long. You can have any background, jobs, and hobbies that you like. To create a character, give me at lease one job, at least two hobbies, and some sense of the character’s background. You can always expand on these things later, if you like.

Physical Appearance

You’re free to decide on physical appearance. Height & frame are the most important factors. Height in inches, please. Frames are scant, light, medium, heavy, and massive. You can add in more info about your appearance if you like.

Birth Date

You must pick a birth date or I’ll just pick one for you. Your character’s sun-sign will have a small impact on a few things in the game (I’m not using standard astrological signs).


No character attributes to roll. However, I would like you to rank the following attributes in each category, placing your characters strongest attributes first.

Physical Attributes

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Dexterity (nimbleness of your hands)
  • Agility (nimbleness of your body)

Sense Attributes

  • Eyesight
  • Hearing
  • Smell (a keen sense of smell might be a bad thing sometimes…)
  • Voice (high voice and you’re an opera singer. low — chainsaw.)

Personality Attributes

  • Intelligence
  • Aura (this is basically psychic attunement)
  • Will
  • Charisma

In each category, list the attributes most important to least important. Finally, tell me whether your character favors physical or mental attributes.

Make a Character

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